Lazy Bones App Icon_512@2x.png

Lazy Bones - Habit Tracker

Lazy Bones turns your Apple device into a powerful daily routine planner, allowing you to focus on taking action toward becoming consistent in different areas of your life, without worrying about your progress. 

InnerSelf App Icon_512_2x.png

InnerSelf - Daily Mood Tracker

InnerSelf turns your Apple device into a powerful daily mood tracker & journal, allowing you to engage with your emotions by journalling, logging & reading motivation & understanding what triggers your moods, without worrying about your progress.

Tippy App Icon_512_2x.png

Tippy - Tip & Split Calculator

Tippy allows you to easily scan & calculate tips or split a bill. Enter your items manually or scan your bill using the AI scanner which will populate your items automatically.

Rise Morning Meditations App Icon_512_2x

Rise - Morning Meditation‪s

Rise turns your Apple device into a powerful meditation tool. Rise will wake you up in the morning with a tone you love, & then automatically play a great meditation to ease you into your day, all while you are laying comfortably in bed!